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Ionomat anti-perspirant final
Ionomat anti-perspirant final


Epilator Benus laser hair remover - permanent hair removal
Epilator Benus laser hair remover - permanent hair removal


Skin Analyzer Monitor Moisture and sebum
Skin Analyzer Monitor Moisture and sebum


Magiclight - ultrasound and Light therapy massager
Magiclight - ultrasound and Light therapy massager


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05.Ionomat anti-perspirant final
06.Skin Analyzer Monitor Moisture and sebum
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08.Magiclight - ultrasound and Light therapy massager

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» Ultrasound therapy

What is ultrasound?


What we call ‘sounds’ that can be heard by the human ear  have a frequency of between 300 and 3400 Hz. There is no clearly-defined boundary between audible sound and ultrasonic emissions, but ultrasound has a frequency above 20,000 Hz.
In the animal kingdom, dolphins can hear ultrasound which means they can detect sounds between 2,000 Hz and 150,000 Hz. With this special ability, they are actually able to identify the nature of an element as animate or inanimate, wood or metal.
Nowadays, ultrasound is used in hospitals and by researchers for healthcare and investigation purposes.



History of ultrasound therapy


Ultrasonic treatment devices first appeared in the nineties in Germany and Japan, but were extremely costly. More recently, this technology has been developed for personal use at home, and ultrasound treatment devices are currently very popular in Japan.



Why ultrasound therapy?

As a beauty treatment or for facial care, there are many advantages of ultrasound therapy as a treatment for your skin. But how does it work? What is ultrasound? Ultrasonic sources produce vibrations similar to sound waves, but with a frequency greater than the highest frequency audible to humans. Ultrasounds are vibrations that are produced within matter, at a frequency above 20,000 Hz. When traditional products such as beauty creams are not enough, ultrasound can penetrate deep into the epidermis, then the dermis, and finally the hypodermis. This is where the body stores fat cells, which can later cause the appearance of cellulite on the skin surface. Ultrasound provides deep and effective defence and protection against this type of problem.
Ultrasound therapy: technology for beauty.

Ultrasound waves are effective against oily, dry and wrinkled skin. They also restore a youthful glow to dull and lifeless skin. Ultrasound waves have a calorific effect on your body and thus stimulate cells deep down. They encourage cellular and tissular oxygenation and moisturize the skin. Ultrasound is an extremely effective skin-toning and anti-wrinkle therapy. In a nutshell, ultrasound waves let your skin rest. Your complexion is more radiant and skin is softer to the touch. Lastly, ultrasound therapy actively slows down the skin-aging process. Smoking and lifestyle habits influence skin aging. Now, with BBS Care Plus, you can give your skin a second youth.



Action/Effects of Ultrasound Waves


Vibrations: (reduce the quantity of fat in tissues)
The harmless ultrasound waves penetrate deep down (4-5cm) with 100 million Hz (vibrations per second), causing your cells to vibrate. The vibration breaks down the fat in the cells.