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Ionomat anti-perspirant final
Ionomat anti-perspirant final


Epilator Benus laser hair remover - definitive hair removal
Epilator Benus laser hair remover - definitive hair removal


Skin Analyzer Monitor Moisture and sebum
Skin Analyzer Monitor Moisture and sebum


Magiclight - ultrasound and Light therapy
Magiclight - ultrasound and Light therapy


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01.Epilator Benus laser hair remover - definitive hair removal
02.Laser + IPL pulsed light protect glasses
03.Epilator Rio scanning 30 laser hair remover - permanent hair removal
04.Ionomat anti-perspirant final
05.Skin Analyzer Monitor Moisture and sebum
06.Kit electrodes Ionomat definitive anti-underarm sweating
07.Magiclight - ultrasound and Light therapy

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  Laser hair removal
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  Pulsed light and laser hair removal
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Marque d'acceptation

Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions


Regulations for use and Terms and Conditions of sale.
These Terms and Conditions set out the rights and obligations of parties that visit the websites belonging to the EIRL "Carpentier EIRL Epilanet".
Here is the list of websites belonging to the EIRL "Carpentier Epilanet":


In French:
In Italian:
In Spanish:
In German:
In English:
In Portuguese:


When accessing or making a purchase on these websites, you expressly agree to enter into these Terms and Conditions.
You may save and print these Terms and Conditions of sale. You should only use these websites if you accept these Terms and Conditions.

The websites belonging to the EIRL "Carpentier EIRL Epilanet" are edited by:
The EIRL "Carpentier EIRL Epilanet"
11 lotissement les Floralies
1045 BD Léo Lagrange
83300 Draguignan
E-mail: contact@epilanet.com
Telephone No.: 09. / (open from 9 h to 18 h from Monday to Friday)
Siret No.: 50174831300027


1. Introduction


1.1 You may freely access these websites. You are responsible for the way your data and account are used. Should you become aware of your account being subject to fraudulent activity, you are asked to immediately contact our Customer Service Department, which shall deactivate your account, if necessary.
1.2 The EIRL "Carpentier EIRL Epilanet" reserves the right to adapt or modify these Terms and Conditions of sale at any time. Should the Terms and Conditions be modified, those in force on the day of the order being placed shall apply. You should only use these websites if you accept the newly published Terms and Conditions.


2. Orders


2.1 You can place your online order on one of the websites belonging to the EIRL "Carpentier EIRL Epilanet". You can check and modify your order before confirming it; you will also be sent a summary of your order by e-mail.
2.2 The final order confirmation takes place after the payment confirmation. After placing your order, you will be sent an order summary e-mail which includes your delivery address and order reference number.
2.3 We reserve the right to refuse an order if:
a. the item ordered is no longer available,
b. we cannot obtain authorisation regarding your payment,
c. the price or description of the item ordered is incorrect,
d. our Terms and Conditions of sale are not respected.
2.4 Once we have received your payment, delivery of your order will be carried out via colissimo expert with tracking + signature (the delivery time is 2 working days) or by registered letter for all the products that are part of the category "supplementary" as well as for the perfume fatal attraction. These two types of delivery concern orders to be delivered in France.
2.5 For orders to be delivered outside of France, the delivery is by colissimo expert international with signature (the delivery time varies from 5 to 10 working days) or by non-registered letter for the products that are part of the category "supplementary" as well as for the perfume fatal attraction.


3. Price and Payment


3.1 Prices are given in Euros, all tax included, for the websites in French, Italian, German and Spanish. The prices are written in Euro or Brazilian Real for the websites in Portuguese. The prices are written in US dollars or British Pounds GBP for the websites in English.
3.2 In addition to the price of the products, you are required to pay part of the postage and packaging costs. These are determined depending on the delivery country, and are fixed whatever the order.
3.3 We reserve the right to change prices without prior notice.
3.4 Payment to be made:


By card: VISA - EUROCARD - MASTERCARD: The details of your credit card number are encrypted by your computer and sent in this encrypted form straight to your credit card company which handles debit authorisations.


By cheque or by 3 interest free instalments by cheque (only available for French clients): In Euros written out to “Epilanet”. Please write your order number on the back of the cheque and post it to the following address:

11 lotissement les Floralies
1045 boulevard Léo Lagrange


By PayPal: our PayPal account is: epilanet@hotmail.fr


By bank transfer: When you select this form of payment for your order, you will be given our bank account details so that you can order the transfer.

3.5 As part of its anti-fraud and security policy, the EIRL "Carpentier EIRL Epilanet" will record your IP address together with the precise date and time of the transaction. This unique formal identification binds you contractually. Any attempted fraud, whatever the amount and wherever it comes from, will be subject to criminal prosecution (a charge laid before the French state prosecutor).


4. Returns and Right of Withdrawal


4.1 If you wish to cancel your order:
a. you can inform us by email contact@epilanet.com before the goods ordered have been despatched to you.
b. after receiving the delivery, you may cancel your order by returning your purchases, subject to clause 4.2 below.
4.2 You can return all or part of the goods you have bought from us within 14 days of receiving them. You must pay the return shipping costs for guarantee or refund.
4.3 Upon reception of the returned goods, the EIRL "Carpentier EIRL Epilanet" will exchange or refund the product which did not meet your satisfaction within 14 days. In the case of an exchange, we take back your device returned within 14 days at the price of a new one (delivery costs not included). This return is in the form of a credit note. If the credit note is for more than the price of the new product desired, we will refund the difference.
4.4 Clause 4.3 does not apply in the following cases:
- items returned incomplete, battered or damaged.
In the event of irregular or abusive returns, the EIRL "Carpentier EIRL Epilanet" reserves the right to refuse to accept future orders.
4.5 For orders returned to sender (does not live at this address), the re-delivery is charged to the client.


5. Liabilities


The EIRL "Carpentier EIRL Epilanet" can never be held liable for failure to perform the concluded contract due to events of force majeure; disruption or all-out or partial strikes, notably of the postal, transport and/or communication services; flooding; or fire.
The EIRL "Carpentier EIRL Epilanet" guarantees delivery in France. For orders outside of France, the EIRL "Carpentier EIRL Epilanet" cannot be held responsible for the loss or for a delivery time that is not respected by our transporter "Coliposte".


6. Access to the service


6.1 These websites are accessible 24/24. We are however not liable if access to the website is impossible.
6.2 Access to these websites may be temporarily suspended without notice for maintenance, technical interventions or for any other reasons outside of our control.
6.3 You are authorized to print or to download the elements on these websites under the express condition:
a. that the documents or elements are not modified in any way;
b. that the documents, images or elements are not used separately, or with elements from other sources;
c. that the documents, images and elements are not reproduced, either traditionally or electronically (digitally) without written authorization and/or without copyright.
6.4 Unless mentioned to the contrary, all the trademarks, texts, commentaries, works, illustrations and images, whether visual or sound, reproduced on the websites belonging to the EIRL "Carpentier EIRL Epilanet" are protected by copyright, trademark law, patent law and by the right of personal portrayal.
6.5 Any total or partial reproduction or representation constitutes an infringement, for which the perpetrator can be civilly and criminally liable.


7. Content


7.1 The EIRL "Carpentier EIRL Epilanet" undertakes to protect the privacy of the people using its websites and the confidentiality of the personal information provided. Pursuant to the Data Protection Act, you have a right to access and to correct the personal information concerning you, and to oppose its processing. You simply have to write to us online, if possible providing us with your order reference.
7.2 You are prohibited from posting on, or transmitting from these websites:
a. content which breaches the laws in force, including -but without this being restrictive - laws on privacy, the right of personal portrayal, intellectual property rights, copyright, the law of contracts or any other rights of any person or entity. You undertake to pay all fees, royalties, and other sums which are owed to any person or entity due to any content you publish.
b. content which you do not possess all the authorizations for;
c. content which may be considered to be abusive, inciting hatred, racism, physical aggression, or promoting a criminal activity or undertaking, or supplying information and instructions on illegal activities.
d. content which could be technically or electronically considered to be malicious or dangerous including - but without this being restrictive - viruses, Trojan horses, worms, corrupted data, scripts or programmes which could harm the functioning of these websites, or other websites, and computers.
7.3 You alone are liable for the content you publish.


8. Links to and from other websites


8.1 Links to other websites may be provided as an additional service intended to provide you with more complete information on the products and services for sale on these websites. If you click on these links you leave our websites. We have no control over the content of these third party sites and we cannot be held responsible for them. The EIRL "Carpentier EIRL Epilanet" expressly declines all liability if the content of these sites infringes the provisions of any applicable law or regulation. If you decide to access these sites, you assume full responsibility in so doing.
8.2 We welcome the creation of links to our home page or any other page of the websites belonging to the EIRL "Carpentier EIRL Epilanet", on the condition that:
a) no attempt be made to transform, conceal or alter the appearance of our logo;
b) no utilisation be made of framing or iframing technology or the equivalent;
c) no impression be given of an association of any nature between our sites and yours;
d) the content of your website not be inappropriate, illegal or offensive.


9. Registration


9.1 The present conditions are intended solely for non-merchant physical persons, major according to the laws of the country of residence of the user of our websites, and possessing juridical contracting capacity.
9.2 Registration covers one physical person only. You may not share your password with other persons.
9.3 Failure to comply with the present conditions will result in suspension of your account without prior notice and without compensation.


10. Guarantees


10.1 In conformity with Article 4 of Act no. 78-464 of 24 March 1978, the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions may not deprive the consumer of protection under the law requiring professional vendors to protect the consumer from the consequences of hidden defects in the merchandise sold. The consumer is expressly informed that the EIRL "Carpentier EIRL Epilanet" is not the manufacturer of the products offered for sale within the framework of these websites, under the terms of Act no. 98-389 of 19 May 1998 on liability for defective products. In consequence, in the event of prejudice suffered by persons or property as a result of any defect in our products, only the manufacturer shall be held liable, based on the information appearing on the packaging of the said product. The conditions and duration of the manufacturer guarantee are indicated on the product sheets. In view of the frequency of replacement of technical product components, the EIRL "Carpentier EIRL Epilanet" may, upon request, inform the consumer of the availability of replacement parts for the products offered for sale, together with the methods of procuring the same, if applicable.
10.2 You will be covered by the legal guarantee for hidden defects on all products delivered.
10.3 In the case of a malfunction in your device that is still under guarantee, please return the faulty device to the following address:
11 lotissement les Floralies
1045 boulevard Léo Lagrange
Your faulty device will be replaced within 48 hours with a new one.


11. Miscellaneous


11.1 The present contract applies to all the websites belonging to the EIRL "Carpentier EIRL Epilanet".
11.2 If any clause in the Conditions of Utilisation be declared illegal, null and void or unenforceable, the said clause shall be deemed non-existent, with no consequences whatsoever in relation to the validity and enforceability of the remaining clauses.